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Water Supply Meter

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MaterialStainless Steel
Model Name/NumberK400
Size4 - 6 Inch
Pinea, formerly known as Kent Meter, proudly introduces its Water Level Meter, a sophisticated solution designed to revolutionize the measurement and monitoring of water levels. This advanced meter represents the evolution of Kent Meter's legacy, combining years of expertise with innovative technology. **Precision in Water Level Measurement:** The Pinea Water Level Meter is engineered for precision, offering accurate measurements of water levels in diverse settings. Whether in municipal water management, environmental monitoring, or industrial applications, this meter ensures reliable data for informed decision-making. **Robust Construction and Durability:** Built with industrial-grade materials, the Water Level Meter by Pinea boasts a robust construction that ensures durability and longevity. Its resilience makes it suitable for various environments, from groundwater monitoring wells to surface water bodies. **Versatility in Applications:** The versatility of Pinea's Water Level Meter extends across multiple applications. It is an invaluable tool for hydrologists, environmental scientists, and engineers involved in groundwater studies, flood monitoring, and other water-related projects. **Key Features:** 1. **Accurate Sensor Technology:** The meter employs advanced sensor technology to deliver precise water level measurements, ensuring data integrity. 2. **User-Friendly Interface:** Featuring an intuitive interface, the Water Level Meter is designed for ease of use, catering to professionals and technicians alike. 3. **Adaptable Probe Lengths:** With options for varying probe lengths, Pinea's Water Level Meter accommodates different monitoring scenarios, offering flexibility in its application. **Applications Across Industries:** 1. **Municipal Water Management:** The Water Level Meter is instrumental in monitoring water levels in wells and reservoirs, aiding municipalities in efficient water distribution. 2. **Environmental Monitoring:** Hydrologists and environmental scientists rely on accurate water level data for studying ecosystems, wetlands, and environmental changes. 3. **Industrial Applications:** Industries benefit from precise water level measurements in processes such as mining, manufacturing, and construction, where water management is critical. **Pinea's Commitment to Excellence:** Pinea, building upon the legacy of Kent Meter, continues to uphold a commitment to excellence in fluid measurement solutions. The Water Level Meter is a testament to this dedication, providing reliable and accurate data to support sustainable water management practices. **Connect with Pinea:** For those seeking precision in water level measurement, connect with Pinea to explore how our Water Level Meter can elevate your monitoring processes. Embrace the legacy of Kent Meter with Pinea's innovative solutions for a sustainable and informed future.

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